Hoover Dam VIP Tour from Las Vegas

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Hoover Dam VIP Tour Info

At almost 100 years old, the Hoover Dam was twice as tall as any man made structure of its day. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Hoover Dam VIP Tour takes you through a maze of history, engineering, and delivers the best insider’s tour possible.

Built across the glorious Colorado River, the Hoover Dam is a marvel. Its size and construction still set it apart from nearly any other structure in the world. The Hoover Dam VIP Tour certainly walks you thru the history of its intricate construction and complex design achievements.

But you will also personally experience the majesty of nearly 100 years of the best minds and strongest conviction coming together to form this testament to human cooperation. The Hoover Dam itself is the wellspring of the region. Both historically as well as an inspiration.

Starting out this tour takes you through the outskirts of Las Vegas to the beautiful High Desert and  Mountain Ranges that surround this Desert Paradise to the Visitors Center and Historical Displays at the magnificent Hoover Dam. From the interior base of the Dam you will be able to view deep into the Generator Room. You will also see the fascinating and famous Hoover Dam Movie.

From the top of the Hoover Dam, the views are truly breathtaking. And our tour gives you plenty of time to get some great photos of Lake Mead, the world’s largest reservoir. From the south side of the gorge in Arizona, the colors shinning off the sheer canyon walls are astounding.

The new Hoover Dam Bridge is also view-able on this tour which stands an amazing 900 feet above the Colorado River. And on our return trip, we have a fun stop at local park which is very popular with our native Big Horn Sheep, who often are present grazing on the sweet grass.

Tour Times and Points of Interest

  • Operates Daily

  • Departure: Approximately 7:00 am

  • Return time:  Approximately 1:00 pm

  • Pick up at Hotel

  • Hoover Dam

  • Visitor Center – Hoover Dam

  • Generator Room – Hoover Dam

  • Hoover Dam Movie

  • Views at Top of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead

  • Hoover Dam Bridge (photo ops)

  • A fun stop at a local park to see Wild Big Horn Sheep

Travel and Amenities

  • $79 per person

  • Includes  unlimited bottled water and snacks

  • Gratuity Not included.

Vehicle Used

  • 7-passenger Luxury 4×4 SUV’s

  • 12-passenger VIP mini-coaches

  • 14-passenger VIP touring class mini-coaches

What to wear

  • Hiking or athletic walking shoes

  • Temperatures are cooler from October – February so long pants and a light jacket are appropriate.

  • March – September temperatures are warm where shorts, hat and light shirt are comfortable