Area 51 Tours From Las Vegas

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Area 51 Tours from Las Vegas Info

Starting with Proof

Area 51 really does exist! But why? What are they hiding? An Alien Space Ship? Alien bodies? Once yous see for yourself, it becomes quite clear why this site was picked for America’s most Top Secret Military Facility. This exciting and intellectual tour starts with an intriguing stop at the Top Secret Janet Airlines. The airline has been hiding in plain sight at the Las Vegas International airport for decades. Janis jets transport hundreds of top secret workers to and from Area 51 every day.

The Truth Is Out There

The road to Area 51,  just north of Las Vegas, is through some of the most other worldly, uninhabited and strikingly scenic desert on Earth. We guide you thru an unbelievable journey through a spectacular Joshua Tree Forest. Then we arrive on the banks of an ancient dry lake where we study very unusual Indian Petroglyphs which are thousands of years old. Then we explore a perplexing dry lake where UFO sightings occur often. After another magnificently scenic drive down the “Extraterrestrial Highway” we arrive at the “out of this world” famous Little A’le’ Inn. This great little spot has hosted numerous documentaries and movies including “Independence Day.”

Read The Reports Over an Alien Burger

Ex-Air Force Captain Chuck Clark has written an intriguing and very in depth report on Area 51, which is also available for purchase. At the Inn you will find a cache of information and souvenirs on this top-secret area. After the very tasty Alien Burger option at the Little A’le’ Inn we journey you to the infamous Black Mailbox location. This is a sacred and famed meeting place for UFO enthusiasts where they gather to watch the night sky. Entering through another dry lake with a strange Mutant Joshua Tree forest, we are greeted by the impassable perimeter of Area 51. This is where we find the guards (The Men In Black) with their high powered weapons, detection devices, listening devices and cameras mounted among the cactus.

See It For Yourself

You can wave and smile at the heavily armed and armored guards in their 4×4’s parked in the desert landscape. But they have never been reported to wave back. They just wait joylessly and watch from behind their dark tinted windows. It’s very spooky indeed. As much as the United States government, for decades, denied the existence of this base, we now know it is there. But no one knows what they do there because no one from Area 51 will say. This is an Extreme Tour to the world’s most top secret military facility, the real home of the X files, AREA 51.

Tour Times and Points of Interest

  • Operates: MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS or any day with combined parties of 4 or more, call for any day availability.

  • Departure: Approximately 7:00 am

  • Return time:  Approximately 5:00pm

  • Free pick up at Hotel

  • Top Secret Janet Airlines

  • Mysterious Dry Lake and Ancient Petroglyphs

  • Little “Ale-Inn” for Lunch

  • Black Mailbox, the famous meeting location

  • Mutant Joshua Tree Forest

  • Area 51 “The Perimeter & the Men in Black”

Travel and Amenities

  • $204.97 per person

  • Includes  Lunch, unlimited bottled water and snacks

  • Gratuity Not included.

What to wear

  • Hiking or athletic walking shoes

  • Temperatures are cooler from October – February so long pants and a warm jacket are appropriate

  • March – September temperatures are warm where shorts, hat and light shirt are comfortable.

Vehicle Used

  • 7-passenger Luxury 4×4 SUV’s

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  • We have them on board the vehicle, ask your Driver-Guide